Residential Management Companies

No – This is a free service for all Residential Management Companies. Property Management Companies pay Save My Service Charge a small percentage of the winning tender. We will never ask for your bank details or request funding.

Nothing at all, you are in no way obligated to switch. However, we are sure that if the savings are sufficient you probably will.
Of course, send us an email and we will send you as many of the quotes we received back as you would like to see.

Absolutely not, we will never affiliate with any Property Management Company. We work entirely for you, the Directors of Residential Management Companies.

Most contracts have a 30 – 90-day break clause in them, do not worry about this your new PMC will be experienced in handling changeovers, they will advise you once you have assigned them. Switching Property Management Companies will not cost you a penny, quite the opposite, it will help save money!

We send all our customers a money plant upon switching as a thank you for using our service. Hopefully, your wealth will grow alongside your new ‘Money Plant’.

Yes, please call us to discuss this. If you are happy with our service or know someone who is looking to change provider, we offer new referrals up to 50% of our switch fee.
Although our systems have this function available, we do not utilise it. Unless something has gone very wrong with your new Property Management Company, we advise growing the new relationship. We believe it is best to build an affiliation with your new Property Management Company and know we are here of it goes wrong!
We encourage all feedback it is good or bad. We encourage Property Management Companies to advertise public feedback on their company bio, and to include it in the quotes that you receive. We understand that people wishing to switch are looking for change and what works for one residential block may not work for another. We advise to check Trustpilot and online forums about your new Property Management. If your relationship with your existing Property management Company is not working, we will find you a new one.
As kind as this is, we would rather you did something nice for someone else, as we donate 10%. Our annual profit to shelter, everyone deserves a home.
Save My Service Charge compare your blocks requirements with as many matched Property Management Companies as psossible, giving you a spectrum of companies to choose from.

Property Management Companies.

Save My Service Charge is a free portal offering Property Management Companies genuine leads from Residential Management Companies looking to change their provider. This may be due to poor service, lack of communication, excessive charges, or just the need for change. You get genuine leads straight to your desk. No cold calling, no endless phone calls, just genuine leads
Accordion Sample DescriptionOnce registered on our website, you will receive tender opportunities for free. If you are the successful bidder, in line with our terms and conditions a small commission is charged. This is detailed on the Property Management Company registration page. If your bid is unsuccessful there is no charge. 
All tenders will include, partial postcodes, annual budgets, bespoke requirements, and where possible a contract of works (gardening, window cleaning, decoration etc). Should you require addition information to allow you to quote competitively, just contact Save My Service Charge.
All registered Property Management Companies have been given our ‘Silver Membership’. This offers you the chance to get quotes within a 30-mile radius of your office. If you work within a smaller radius from your office than this, just let us know.
All registered Property Management Companies within the geographical area will be forwarded the new opportunity. We require at least 20 quotes to offer a good comparison for the Residential Management Companies.
The completed tender documents must be returned within 5 working day if you want to be included in the process.  The 3 best priced quotes alongside the 3 most local companies quotes, will be forwarded to the Residential Management Company for consideration.
You will be contacted directly by Save my service charge Ltd, by phone and email.
If you are the preferred bidder Save my service charge will contact you; giving the postal address and contact details of the Directors of the Residential Management Company. Allowing you to discuss the finer points of the contract, timescales, and the changeover date in person.
Yes, should you have any enquiries you can either send your questions to Info@savemyservicecharge.co.uk or, call our People Partner David on 07471213260 or 01276 491309

Save my service charge is a brand new service that allows you to choose and compare property management providers.