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Property Management Company

Why Use Save My Service Charge

We know finding a new property management company is hard work so let us do the slog for you.

You want a better deal, you need to make changes but you’re busy – so here’s where we come in. We do the comparison on your behalf, supplying you with the best quotes.

You could save your block or estate £1000s a year and get improved service levels.

You Choose The Company The Best Fits Your Needs

We provide a free service that matches you with carefully chosen Property Management Companies (PMCs).

We empower you to choose the company that best fits your needs. You are not obliged to use any of our suggestions and if so, no one will get in contact.

But if you like what you see (and why wouldn’t you, when we can save you money and provide improved service?) then we handle everything for you.

Be head by the right management company

Feel ignored?

Wonder where your money’s going?

Got extraordinarily high building insurance?

Don’t have time to search for a new property management company?

Are you “stuck”?

Don’t be! Let SMSC take all the stress away, we’ll deliver the right property management company and save you £1000s.

Feel ignored?

It’s time you were heard!.

No more property management strees

We know finding a new property management company is hard work in itself so let us do it for you. You want a better deal, you’re busy, you need to make changes – so SMSC will do it all for you and it won’t cost you a penny!


Register Your Details

Just answer a few simple questions about your block and enter your annual budget details. Then you’re moments away from finding your perfect match.


The right property management company matched

We do the hard work for you by contacting a selection of reputable, registered Property Management Companies. You stay anonymous, we only disclose the first part of your postcode to prospective agents. We collate the agents’ responses and then send you a list of the best matches based on price and distance. These hassle-free great results don’t cost you a penny.


Choose your property management company

Once you’ve selected your perfect match, tell us. Only then will we pass your details over to them so they can make contact with you. Remember, there’s no obligation – you don’t have to go ahead. There’s also no pressure to choose a match. You’re the one in the driving seat.

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Save my service charge is a brand new service that allows you to choose and compare property management providers.